Enhanced Medication Services (EMS) Achieves Major Milestones in Clinical Intervention Patient Engagements

ORLANDO, Fla., June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Enhanced Medication Services (EMS) has established itself as an industry innovator under parent company Transaction Data Systems (TDS). The EMS clinical division has delivered more than 1.5 million medication management services to patients in various clinical intervention programs through the extensive network of over 28 million patient lives that are part of the TDS network, resulting in improved medication adherence, better patient outcomes and enhanced Star Rating and quality performance scores for health plans and community pharmacies.

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Sub-optimal medication use continues to exceed $100 billion annually in avoidable health care costs within the United States alone. Working daily to help health plans and pharmacies address these issues and resolve drug therapy problems is the focus of the EMS division of TDS. The highly-trained clinical pharmacists and technicians at EMS provide clinical outreach services to patients all over the country on behalf of the health plans and community pharmacies to optimize medication use. Because EMS is part of the TDS family, pharmacies using the Computer-Rx or Rx30 pharmacy management system have an incredible competitive and operational advantage over other pharmacies. Clinical intervention programs are loaded into TDS’ innovative Clinical 360 Portal which is fully integrated with Computer-Rx and Rx30 dispensing platforms and allows pharmacies to work clinical alerts within their existing workflow.

The EMS division supports both health plans and pharmacies in delivering clinical outreach services. “Community pharmacies have a strong bond with their patients, and EMS helps support that relationship by working with patients to ensure they take their medications as prescribed and resolve medication-related problems. This results in quality lift for both health plans and pharmacies to achieve high ratings on performance measures and improve outcomes,” said Anna Hall, EMS Director of Clinical Quality Services.

Beyond helping patients, the impact EMS has made for pharmacies and health plans is incredible. In 2018, EMS enrolled thousands of patients in medication synchronization resulting in an estimated $1.1 million increase in refill revenue to TDS pharmacies and successful boost in Star Ratings adherence scores for contracted Medicare plan sponsors. EMS also achieved great success in its array of other customized adherence programs with one program boasting a refill improvement on targeted drugs of 41% over 3 refills and an 11% prescription adherence improvement overall.

“At TDS, we strive to be the total pharmacy solution for health plans and community pharmacies, supporting pharmacy professionals in their daily operations as they deliver critical patient care in communities across the nation. Through its Clinical 360 platform, in support of health plans and pharmacies, the EMS solutions are integrated within our TDS products and services. As we celebrate the key milestones of EMS performance, we are proud of the incredible impact it has achieved for pharmacies, patients and health plans,” said Kevin Lathrop, TDS President and Chief Operating Officer.

About Enhanced Medication Services
Enhanced Medication Services (EMS) is the premier clinical services delivery channel connecting health plans to community pharmacists through its fully integrated end-to-end dispensing and clinical services platforms. EMS combines an industry-leading clinical services call center with an expansive network of community pharmacies allowing for the transformation of the community pharmacy into a powerful clinical services engagement hub. The EMS mission is to optimize medication use for people, health plans and health systems. It provides high-quality, clinical intervention outreach services to patients and providers in collaboration with pharmacies and health plans. For more information, visit www.enhancedmedicationservices.com.

EMS invites you to join them at the following upcoming conferences in 2019:

AHIP Institute and Expo, June 19–21 in Nashville, TN
Qualipalooza RISE Quality Leadership Summit, June 27-28 in Orlando, FL
Unify Conference PBA Health/PPOk, July 12–14 in Overland Park, KS
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