Erchonia Donates Two High-Tech Lasers to Kent State

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Erchonia Corporation, global leader in the manufacturing and development of low-level lasers, has donated two of its high-tech lasers to Kent State Podiatry College to be used at the university and at the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinics.

Podiatry students will be able to use Erchonia’s FX 635 and Lunula Lasers in a clinical setting. This is the third podiatry college in the nation to have the opportunity to use these lasers. The first was the New York Podiatric College, and the second was Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago.

“We are honored to help give these students hands-on experience with our latest FDA cleared technologies,” says Steve Shanks, president of Erchonia Corporation. “With many people suffering from heel pain or toenail fungus, it’s important for our future doctors to understand what treatment options are out there and how Erchonia is making a difference.”

The FX635 Laser is used to treat both chronic lower back pain and chronic heel pain related to plantar fasciitis, and the Lunula Laser is used to treat onychomycosis (toe nail fungus). The Lunula Laser is the first and only non-thermal, “cold” laser to receive FDA market clearance for onychomycosis.

“The college is excited to partner with Erchonia Corporation and include this technology in our Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinics to educate our students and treat patients,” said Dr. Allan Boike, Dean and CEO of Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. “As the leader in low level laser therapy, we look forward to providing alternative treatment modalities for patients suffering from chronic heel pain and inflammation, as well as onychomycosis. Our goal is to work with our faculty and students to initiate clinical trials and provide better patient care options.”

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Based in Melbourne, Florida, family-owned Erchonia is the global leader in the manufacturing and development of low level laser therapy technology (“3LT”). From humble beginnings in a garage in 1996, Erchonia today develops and sells the most advanced, non-invasive 3LT medical equipment on the market in over 50 countries. With 14 different market clearances from the FDA, Erchonia remains passionately committed to effective, research-based 3LT solutions for a wide variety of conditions — from managing chronic pain to promoting fat loss. For more information, please visit

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