Providertech Becomes New Microsoft Co-Sell Partner: Releases Signature CareX Healthcare Communicator Platform to the Azure Marketplace

PHOENIX, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Providertech ( recently announced the release of its CareX automated healthcare communication platform to the Azure Marketplace as part of a new co-sell partnership with Microsoft. Providertech developed CareX to help healthcare providers streamline patient communications, boost overall appointment adherence and reduce lost revenue due to no-show rates.

Responding to a market that requires improved patient engagement as a way to deliver high-quality care and increased positive patient outcomes, Providertech’s CareX platform automates communication using text, voice and email. CareX seamlessly integrates with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to coordinate outreach with overdue populations and increase a wide variety of booked healthcare appointments, while reducing no-show appointments.

CareX automation helps providers, payers, pharma and FQHCs reduce their overall workload while engaging patients at scale throughout the patient’s entire healthcare experience: before, during and after their care. And now, built within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, CareX can be used by healthcare providers to ensure a successful deployment of solutions that are customizable, HIPAA-compliant and easily managed.

“Our product evolution and speed-to-market continues to accelerate,” said Allen Crane, Vice President, Product Development. “Our latest release on Microsoft Azure takes advantage of Azure’s Machine Learning capabilities and AI toolset to enable predictive capabilities in our own adherence models. Additionally, taking advantage of serverless architecture alongside Microsoft’s Data Factory for integration allows us to deploy our fully integrated solution into the health system’s EMR in as little as two weeks.”

Providertech CareX Benefits

CareX automatically identifies and notifies patients who are due for wellness visits, preventative check-ups and population health screenings. With greater appointment adherence comes increased quality outcomes. Some other benefits, at a glance, include:

  • Reduced No-Show Rates: Customize messages and delivery (email, text or voice). Predict and address no-shows with analytics while sending automated appointment reminders at scale freeing up your staff’s time.
  • Improved Quality Outcomes: Target overdue populations using EHR data and rules while scaling population health outreach with automation. Use collected data to measure the effectiveness of messaging and address gaps in care.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction and Improved Reputation Management: Route positive patient feedback directly to review sites to improve star ratings. Fend off negative feedback through service recovery, while identifying quality trends using AI language processing features.

Providertech CareX and the Microsoft Azure Advantage

Working with Microsoft Azure backed with its HITRUST certification for healthcare ensures a level of security that millions of Microsoft users have come to know and trust. Patient data can be uploaded with full confidence that multiple safeguards keep that information secure. Azure also allows seamless deployment of HIPAA-compliant solutions that are integrated with existing client EHRs.

Azure enables Providertech faster implementations, using out-of-box solutions coupled with the convenience of pre-built integrations that facilitate quick, client customizations. Finally, an automated deployment process and access to self-service portals allows clients to manage their offices far more easily and efficiently than ever before.  

“Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure,” said Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “We’re happy to welcome Providertech’s CareX solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem.”

Providertech’s CareX software navigates today’s healthcare landscape with automation that helps companies engage directly with their patient populations — to deliver value-based care and increase patient satisfaction. 

About Providertech

Providertech helps healthcare teams scale care management beyond the traditional care setting. Using automated communications built within Microsoft Azure Cloud, Providertech’s customizable, patient-centered solutions optimize operational efficiency and improve health outcomes for value-based care initiatives, while reducing costs and increasing revenue. Learn more at  


Lisa Blue MHI, RN
VP, Clinical Innovation

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