Nucleai Announces Partnership With Protean BioDiagnostics to Enhance Cancer Diagnosis With AI

TEL AVIV, Israel and TAMPA, Florida, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nucleai, a precision medicine AI company in the pathology domain, announced today its partnership with Protean BioDiagnostics, a Tampa-based biotech company commercializing advanced cancer diagnostic technology. Nucleai and Protean BioDiagnostics are launching a co-branded campaign, Protean QA Service Enhancement powered by Nucleai, that will pair Nucleai’s unique AI services with Protean BioDiagnostic laboratories’ advanced diagnostic tools. This optimal quality assurance service enhancement will be deployed in labs, hospitals, and urology centers across the US. 

Nucleai is a clinically oriented AI company for pathologists to improve diagnosis and is a breakthrough leader in this space, being the only company to provide a comprehensive suite of AI-based solutions for cancer biopsies relating to gastrointestinal, breast and prostate tissue analysis and an effective pipeline for supporting additional indications.

Research shows that by 2030 the number of active pathologists in the US may drop by 30 percent compared to 2010 levels, and coupled with an increasing demand for biopsies, the pathology field is ripe for disruption. Protean BioDiagnostics will now have access to the most advanced AI technology on the market, backed by over 20 million slides and a team that boasts over 100 years of cumulative experience in AI, machine learning and machine vision.

“We are thrilled to partner with Protean BioDiagnostics, a company who shares our mission: to use operational AI to improve the existing standard of care for cancer patients,” said Avi Veidman, CEO of Nucleai. “Their strong network is a great springboard for Nucleai and will open new opportunities for mutual development of precision medicine solutions including prediction and prognosis tools.”

Our mission at Protean BioDiagnostics is to offer the most advanced and personalized oncology technology to help cancer patients and their doctors in the most effective ways possible,” said Dr. Anthony Magliocco MD, Founder and President of Protean BioDiagnostics. “We are very excited to collaborate with Nucleai to combine our molecular capabilities with their advanced image analysis solution to develop leading solutions in the precision medicine area.”

Protean BioDiagnostics’ expertise on the molecular aspects of precision medicine will help Nucleai effectively develop and scale a precision medicine solution which will be added to the company’s existing technology platforms. Having proven to increase efficiency and reduce potential missed diagnoses with a 97% rate of accuracy, Nucleai’s partnership with Protean BioDiagnostics will enable pathologists across the US to improve diagnoses and alleviate the biopsy bottleneck by seamlessly integrating into pathologists’ workflow.

Dr Anthony Magliocco MD will present results of a recent validation study of the AI technology and will announce the new partnership at the 2019 Pathology Informatics Summit in Pittsburgh.

About Nucleai

Founded in 2017, Nucleai is a precision medicine AI company in the pathology domain making biopsy diagnoses accurate, efficient and accessible to improve the current standard of care in the field of oncology and to expedite the development of novel cancer treatments. Led by a highly skilled team of artificial intelligence experts and leading clinicians, Nucleai improves cancer diagnostics using machine learning, deep learning and machine vision technologies. Nucleai is the only company to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for biopsies relating to gastrointestinal, breast and prostate analysis. Nucleai is supported by leading pathologists in Israel and in the US and is backed by leading VC funds. For more information, visit

About Protean BioDiagnostics

Protean BioDiagnostics is committed to creating and deploying the latest and highest quality laboratory diagnostic tools in histology, image analysis, liquid biopsy and genetics to support physicians and providing the best possible precision care for their patients regardless of where they live. In offering advanced diagnostic options, Protean BioDiagnostics aims to help cancer patients and their doctors obtain the important information needed to treat with the latest and most effective personalized oncology therapies. For more information, visit

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